MOST of us have had a speeding ticket at one time or another. And usually, you just accept it, pay the fine, and carry on. Getting dinged for driving too fast just comes with the territory, right?
Unless you get one that you think is undeserved, in which case you’ve got a real scrap on your hands, should you decide to dispute it, as I did earlier this year. I’ll admit it up front I lost but it was close and could have gone either way. And I did get the fine reduced. Here are a few things I learned along the way.

Fight your Traffic Violations. Careless Driving, Distracted Driving, Drive Imprudently, Driving without a Licence, Fail to Stop at a Red Light, Fail to Obey a Police Officer, Photo Radar Speeding Ticket, Excessive Speeding, Racing/Stunt Driving, etc.When you’re actually stopped, keep your conversation with the officer to a minimum. Don’t rant and rave, and especially, DO NOT admit anything. If you agree with him that you were speeding, you’ve already admitted your guilt.

Remember, fighting a traffic ticket is your right, not a privilege.
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